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ARP International are able to offer some truly unique opportunities to the right businesses in Africa. Through its existing relationships with large hedge funds and asset managers ARP International are able to develop and build solar systems for large energy off takers free of charge on a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) basis.

This proposal allows large companies to benefit from cheap, reliable solar energy without having to invest any of their own capital. In return ARP International will secure a fixed term (usually 25 years) PPA with the business whereby all power produced by the solar PV installation is sold for a predetermined indexed linked price. Using the PPA model each solar PV installation would be sized according to the demand for electricity from the business in question with sites starting from as little 0.25mW.

In addition to this ARP International also offers the opportunity for businesses to purchase their own solar PV installation and thus benefit from reliable solar energy without signing up to a PPA. In this situation ARP International would design, develop, and manage the construction of the entire project from inception to completion for a predetermined fee whilst offering performance guarantees from the installation.

Similarly to the PPA arrangement each installation would be scaled to meet the power requirements of the business. If you believe your business could benefit from its own renewable energy power then please contact ARP International; details below: